Life on beautiful Antigua and Barbuda is most definitely a beach. This islands perfectly cradled coasts are surrounded by the bluest waters you will find anywhere in the world and is known to have given refuge to famous personalities like Admiral Nelson and even pirates. Antigua and Barbuda is a classic Carribean island with small roads, colorful villages and great historical sites that seem to exude a distinct English accent. The birds on this island, mainly Frigates, are so many that they easily outnumber the residents.

The island’s capital St. John’s, is full of café’s, restaurants, shops, museums and markets. Dickinson Bay located to the North of the capital offers great swimming and multiple aquatic activities. Other interesting sites include, English Harbour which is where the island flaunts its maritime heritage. The British Navy was once based here and it is one of the top historical attractions. Jolly Harbour is where you will find a couple of restaurants and bars, Codrington Lagoon National Park which also supports the Frigate bird sanctuary is home to about 5000 of these black feathered birds. The best time to visit here is between September and April. Other places in Antigua and Barbuda that are well worth a visit are Fig tree Drive for the two swanky resorts, Five Island Peninsula for coves and beaches, Half Moon Bay for bodysurfing and snorkeling, Long bay for souvenir shops and bars, Harmony Hall for local art and Fort James for a good dose of history dating back to the 18th century. It truly is the ultimate dream island.

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