Cuba is a destination like no other; this vibrant island is a captivating blend of stunning natural beauty, rich heritage, and warm-hearted people. A nation full of enchanting paradoxes, this is a place where vintage American cars share the roads with horse-drawn carriages and where salsa rhythms resonate in colonial cities untouched by time. Throw in more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other Caribbean Island and a clutch of the world's best beaches, and you've got a pretty special cocktail.

FAQ For Tailor Made Cuba Holidays

What is a tailor-made holiday?

A tailor-made holiday allows you to tailor a trip to meet your specific wants, needs, and desires. It provides travellers with the freedom to take full accountability of their trip, adjusting, tweaking, and carefully crafting every moment to best suit you. Typically, the full price of the holiday is paid in one convenient package, which includes hotels, transfers, as well as meals within the itinerary.

What are the advantages of a tailor-made holiday?

There are many advantages to a tailor-made holiday. The most prominent being that it allows you the freedom to travel on your own terms and at your pace, offering flexible dates that work best for you. It’s also a great opportunity to visit the destinations you’re most interested in, and even explore less-crowded places for a more authentic experience. Plus, with private transfers, you don’t have to worry about transportation logistics. Overall, tailor-made holidays are a hassle-free and personalised way to travel.

Why choose a tailor-made holiday to Cuba?

A tailor-made holiday to Cuba provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in all that this wonderful destination has to offer - and with a vibrant culture that’s just as varied as its landscape, you’re in for a unique travel experience.

Cuba is a treasure trove of historical attractions. From the charismatic colonial architecture of Old Havana to the Spanish fortresses in the city of Santiago de Cuba, these sites are witnesses to the country’s intriguing past. Experience the rich history of these places by taking a stroll along the cobblestone streets of Trinidad, a meticulously well-preserved Spanish colonial city fringed with colourful buildings and palaces once home to plantation owners. Or, delve into the culture of Cienfuegos, the enchanting coastal town of French influence known as the “Pearl of the South”, popular for its colonial-era boulevards that run parallel to Jugua Bay - all with a backdrop of the Sierra del Escambray Mountains.

Of course, we owe it to Havana to highlight its rich history, still prevalent in its charming cobbled streets, awe-inspiring buildings, and remarkable public squares - where whispers of times gone by can almost be heard as the wind carries them through the city. To many, the capital is trapped in a time warp, where classic American cars like Cadillacs and Chevrolets line the streets, towered over by blue skies and colonial style buildings dating back to the 16th century. Havana is one of the last places in the world you can describe as truly unique, since it’s packed with everything from UNESCO-listed Old Towns (featuring an impressive fortification system) to vibrant art scenes, live music and exotic salsa dancing. All of which are a sight to behold on tailor-made holidays to Cuba.

Is Cuba a good destination for eco-tourism?

If you’re an eco-tourism enthusiast, Cuba presents a rich biodiversity with its scenic mountain ranges and spectacular national parks. Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Viñales, a lush town in western Cuba surrounded by the Sierra de los Organos mountains, Viñales Valley, and dotted with dramatic rocky outcrops. Or, venture into the Sierra Maestra mountains, a haven for hiking and bird-watching enthusiasts - and also home to Cuba’s highest peak, Pico Turquino. Similarly, Alejandro de Humboldt National Park in eastern Cuba is crowned for being the best-conserved area of forested mountain ecosystems in the Caribbean, earning itself a top spot for your holiday itinerary. While Trinidad’s Topes de Collantes Natural Park is another haunt sure to leave you feeling worlds away from civilization, thanks to its scenic walking trails and cascading waterfalls, nestled just outside the city in the Sierra del Escambray.

What are Cuba’s best beach resorts?

Equally as sensational, a holiday in Cuba is incomplete without experiencing its world-famous beaches. From the pristine white sands of popular tourist haunt Varadero, lined with five-star resorts, to the secluded coves of Cayo Santa Maria, part of the Jardines del Rey archipelago, these beaches offer a paradisiacal escape, sure to rival the front of any postcard. For a more off-the-beaten-track experience, head to Jibacoa, a lesser-known spot that offers spectacular snorkelling and diving opportunities, whilst Cayo Coco - an island just off of Mainland Cuba - serves up two unspoilt stretches of coral-white sand and crystal-clear waters, perfect for fishing. In fact, these famous stretches were even featured in two Ernest Hemingway novels.

Does Cuba have good restaurants and nightlife?

Cuba’s distinctive culture extends to its cuisine. Sample the local flavours at the privately-owned ‘paladares’ - small family-run restaurants, often hosted in their homes - or follow your nose to one of the state-run restaurants to sample some of the country’s traditional dishes like ‘ropa vieja’, a shredded beef and vegetable stew, and ‘arroz con pollo’, a classic Latin American chicken and rice dish. Feeling thirsty? Two of the country’s most famous drinks include traditional Cuban coffee and, of course, rum. Made from the sugar cane that grows abundantly in Cuba, this cultural tipple is a firm-favourite whether you enjoy it as a refreshing Mojito or a Daiquiri - famously guzzled by Hemingway in Havana’s La Floridita Bar! And for music lovers, the sounds of salsa, rumba, and son - the country’s traditional music genres - fill the air in cafes, clubs, and spill out onto the streets for impromptu street-side performances.

With its diverse mix of experiences, from lazing on sun-soaked beaches and exploring historical cities, to hiking through lush mountains and dancing to the pulsating rhythm of salsa, a holiday in Cuba promises a rich and unforgettable experience. Let our team of experts guide you in creating a tailor-made trip that highlights everything that’s authentic about Cuba, today. The island really has something for everyone.

How to book a tailor-made holiday with Love Cuba?

A tailor-made holiday to Cuba gives you the flexibility to discover this tropical island at our own pace. Whether you prefer a twin-centre holiday, enabling you to experience both the energetic city life of Havana and the relaxed beach vibes of Varadero, or a multi-centre holiday to explore a variety of locations in one trip, the choices are endless.

Can’t decide? Why not organise a Cuba Tour instead, designed by our team of experts who possess a genuine passion for the island and years of experience crafting bespoke holidays.

All you have to do is call us today on 0207 071 3636 or email us and we’ll get to work on crafting the tailor-made trip of your dreams.

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