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One of the Camaguey’s folklores say – if you drink water from a “tinajon,” (a traditional clay pot) you will stay in Camaguey. So, that is how addicted the city is. Cuba’s third-largest city is also hailed for its style and elegance. The architecture overwhelms the city's streets. It is also one of the major strongholds of the Catholic Church on the island. Locals are called "agramontinos" by other Cubans and are respected for their resilient. Camaguey's rich colonial past and packed intricate streets are awe-inspiring. So, tighten your seat belt and get ready to explore the city’s concealed plazas, fascinating galleries, baroque churches, friendly bars and restaurants. In 2008, Camaguey’s historic centre was listed into UNESCO World Heritage Site. Divulge the city and its rich history by availing cheap Camaguey holiday packages. Our expert team in the UK and Cuba are available 24x7 to organise a hassle-free trip.

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