Las Terrazas is a small community and nature reserve in the municipality of Candelaria, Artemisa Province, Cuba. After its rejuvenation in 1968 encouraged by Fidel Castro, the region - built around a creek in the Sierra del Rosario mountains, which was designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1984 - now flourishes with lush tropical vegetation and sustainable land, created by building terraces on the hillsides – hence the regions name, Las TerrazasYou can expect to find rich flora and fauna, scenic walking trails, and plenty of flowing streams in Las Terrazas – making it a popular destination for nature lovers. Thanks to the region’s notable efforts for ecotourism, there’s a host of exciting activities to try your hand at amidst the countryside, from horse riding to kayaking on the Lago del San Juan, or braving the country’s longest zip wire that whizzes across the waters! If you want to learn about the destination’s history, you can take a tour of the semi-restored coffee plantation buildings which once led to the downfall of the area; Cafetal Buenavista (originally built in 1801) is a popular tourist attraction to visit for those eager to learn of its slave trading days, plus you’ll be met by fantastic views thanks to its hilltop location. Similarly, you’ll also find the 19th-century plantation ruins of San Pedro and Santa Catalina along the La Cañada del Infierno trail walk. Las Terrazas could easily be classed as the country’s best-kept secret. Well, if you’re looking to experience authentic Cuba, then it’s best to go where the Cubans go, right? While many tourists flock straight to the island’s big-time resorts such as Varadero and Havana, they’re missing out on exploring the lesser-known gems, just like Las Terrazas. With Love Cuba, our dedicated team of experts are on hand to guide you in exploring the most incredible corners of Cuba you never knew existed, so you can tick off the famous attractions and spend a day living how the locals do, too. 

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