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Where can I buy cigars in Cuba?

Where can I buy cigars in Cuba?

Cuba produces some of the best cigars in the world, you should only ever buy cigars from a registered cigar shop, or a registered tobacco farmer in Cuba.

If you buy cigars on the street you’re unlikely to get an authentic quality Cuban product, so it’s not worth the risk, we have local representatives in Cuba who can assist you locally when you book your holiday with us.

A great time for cigar lovers to visit Cuba is during the Habanos Festival, a week long celebration of Cuba’s most famous export. Learn more here with our Habanos festival blog: https://blog.lovecuba.com/explore-habanos-cigars-at-the-habanos-festival

What are the most popular brands of Cuban cigar?


This is normally the most expensive Cigar, and was said to be a favorite of Fidel Castro.


This is Cuba’s bestselling cigar, it’s blended flavors of coffee, vanilla and cocoa appeals to most people who have the chance to try one.

Romeo Y Julieta:

These cigars are very popular with cigar smoking novices, they are full of flavor, and are available in small sizes like the Julieta, as well as huge sizes like the Churchill, named after the great man himself due to his fondness for them.


These strong cigars were favorites of John F Kennedy no less, it’s rumored that he imported as many as he could for his own personal use before sanctioning the infamous US trade embargo on Cuba.

How many cigars can I bring back?

If travelling from, and returning to the UK, the current limit is 200 per person, as long as you aren’t brining back any other tobacco products, this can change though so it’s best to keep updated by using the government website: https://www.gov.uk/bringing-goods-into-uk-personal-use/arriving-in-northern-ireland

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