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Does Cuba have good Scuba diving?

Does Cuba have good Scuba diving?

Cuba’s Best Beaches

Cuba has some of the best Scuba diving in the world, in fact it’s one of the most sought-after destinations for Scuba diving in the world.

Cuba has the largest marine reserve in the Caribbean, its coral reef stretches nearly 840 miles (2170km) which is one of the richest eco systems on earth, it’s literally teeming with life. Find out more in our helpful blog below, and discover why Cuba is a Scuba divers paradise:

Cuba, a Scuba Divers Paradise

When is the best time to Scuba dive in Cuba?

Cuba benefits from year-round good weather, May through to October tends to be the wettest months, with short sharp burst of rain that normally clears up in around 5-10 minutes, this is also officially the hurricane season, however hurricanes are thankfully quite rare in Cuba. The drier season tends to be from November through to April, with November and March being the driest months, the sea tends to be calmer then as well, the water temperature drops a little to around 25℃ or 77℉, the sea is normally the warmest in July with temperatures reaching around 30℃ or 86℉.

Cuba’s Best Beaches

Where are the best dive sites in Cuba?

There really is an abundance of perfect dive sites in Cuba, with translucent turquoise waters offering crystal clear visibility and beautiful wildlife, coral reef, and shipwrecks.

For the seasoned Scuba diver there’s 5 must visit destinations:

The Isle of Youth (Isla de la Juvetud), it’s Cuba’s second largest Island after the mainland itself, it boasts a giant underwater crater, shipwrecks, and caves.

La Boca offers an incredible 34 different dive sites, with Sunken Spanish galleons and Bull sharks.

Maria La Gorda is home to barracudas, moray eels and 18th century shipwrecks.

Bay of Pigs has 17 different species of coral, shipwrecks, underwater caves, and rainbow coloured coral which is 300m deep.

Jardines de La reina is an uninhabited enclave, that’s home to a national park, only a couple of hundred divers a year are lucky enough to experience this little piece of paradise as it’s a protected area, it’s home to hammer head and Caribbean sharks, a thriving reef and sea turtles.

But you don’t have to be a seasoned Scuba diver to enjoy Cuba’s crystal clear waters with brilliant snorkelling and dive sites for beginners to be found in tourist hotspots like Varadero which is regularly voted as one of the best beach resorts in the world, or Jibacoa this quiet beach resort is home to thriving coral reefs and lush vegetation.

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Cuba’s Best Beaches

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